We are finished with Gospelish

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Yesterday we wrapped a series called Gospelish. We actually talked about 8 things.

1. Gospel Fluency

2. The Gospel

3. Gospel in my heart

4. Gospel in my mind

5. Gospel around the table

6. Gospel with us

7. Gospel in our actions

8. Gospel in our words

This is vital because the point of speaking with Gospel Fluency is to speak the truth with Love.

Join us next week for our special speaker Ryan Brubaker who is globally making disciples in SE Asia.

We are having prayer this Saturday at 9am-10am. We look forward to seeing you. This is being held at Storehouse Grocers.

Storehouse Grocers just celebrated one year of operation!


We want to focus on a specific time this year which is Christmas. We don’t want to forget the meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it.

We are celebrating the arrival of our Lord Jesus. This is possible the most important holiday of the year in the church next to Easter. I want to draw us to change our posture in our hearts.

We are focusing on arrival of spiritual gifts and how we being missional with the Gospel.

God in week two is calling Jesus from the lineage of David. We need to focus that the redemptive plan of God was not because of a single moment but a better plan.

Read Isiaiah 11:1-10 personally

Thank you Pastor Carl