A wondrous Christmas

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This past week we listened to the movement leader and founder of The Movement International. He spoke about the unreached and biblical models for the gift of vision. I was taken aback by the amazing stories of not Ryan but those working with him. He didn’t talk about himself he talked about the stories that have impacted others for the Gospel. The way that happened was a church being started in its simplest form.

Here is the message if you missed out.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ5yn5OI4qU


Devotional thought in Pslams 105:1-5

The focus I want to draw to you is that the psalmist says let us seek 3 times and then our ending devotion should be to remember. Melanie shared a story about how she prayed to the holy spirit to remind her of where she lost her wedding band. Then her mind trailed to a place to find it. This is exactly what the psalmist meant when they ask us to seek God three times he says we will be able to remember and find his wondrous works. Pray this Christmas how are you going to seek God this Christmas.



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