Viral Love: Discipling a whole neighborhood.

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This week we released a message called Viral Love. This message is a primer for why we are about to make some big decision for multiplying Faith City Church. Many of you may be reading this and say how we are going to multiply faith city church. We are going to have viral love.

This year we are going to enter a viral mode. We will be focusing our energy and time answering this question as a community. The question we are asking is “what is it going to take?”

We need to reimagine what it means to be community together by the power of the Holy Spirit. I am going to post this message below.

Here is the link to that :

What does it mean to disciple a whole neighborhood. It means we must saturate Dayton’s Bluff with the Gospel that Faith City is tasked to do.

I will be recruiting leaders and training and equipping them to start communities in Dayton’s Bluff specifically.

We will be evolving our structure to fit this movement. We will be still having Sunday Service but it be more important to start new communities than to grow Sunday Morning.

I will be doing more training this year and more community building focused events for Faith City Church.

We are here to impact people in Dayton’s Bluff with the Gospel.

We are anticipating for new leaders to start communities.