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Faith City Church is led by a dynamic leadership team who are driven by the vision of seeing more people become like Jesus, for the purpose of spreading the good news in our local neighborhoods.

"Our mission is to bring the rescue plan of Jesus to change lives with accessible and affordable food through discipleship and community."

Carl Johnson


We Make Disciples of all Nations, including Dayton's Bluff

What is a black led Multi Ethnic Church?

Most frequent questions and answers


Worship-We are leaning into a shared spirituality of Worship. We are looking at a three cord strand for worship contextualization, commonality, and connectivity. We must find a shared worship experience that involves all cultural norms. This includes dancing, prophetic utterances, raised hands and lots of movement


We will empower our creatives, architects, and theologians to build bridges in underserved and under resourced communities to innovate all around us. This is vital to the shifts in a way where everyone has place at the table. We will have to change to open table mindset. We value collaboration for unity sake. We will like to be decentralized in leadership creating unity in diversity.


We will express the historical identity of African to African American, Asian Pacific Islander, Latino as we expressed our historical Identity of Christianity in our communities. We will teach and admonish theologians from Africa and American.


We will create not only financial space for economy but a biblical one that ensures the biblical mandate for the Antioch Church to fund others in the community. Need based and future works. Finance comes with trust, we can start with nothing and see God move.


We will express the lifestyle of creating disciple making movements that create miraculous transformation in black, multi-ethnic and multicultural movements. We have black Americans fostering disciple making movements in north and west Africa. We will employ relationship of programs.


“It has to be said in all shifts that this is the most important” We will not worship separately but we endeavor to worship together constantly.

Lead Team

Our team of committed individuals are driven by the desire to make disciples and mentor leaders becoming more like Jesus.

Carl & Melanie Johnson

Pastor Isaac and Danielle Lee

Associate Pastor

America Ortiz

Childrens Coordinator

Dave & Thia Stein


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