The Vision of Praxis and Pillar is to release the heart of God to plant marketplace missional communities in the Twin Cities and Beyond

Apprenticeships and Internships

We are accepting apprentices and interns right now.
Apprenticeships are 2 year commitment to start a business and missional community that is geared toward social good in Dayton's Bluff or the Twin Cities. This is experiential cohort style apprenticeship which goes through three phases. phase 1 discovery, Phase 2 Business for Mission Phase 3 Launching missional community with your business.

Internship run a little different. Internships runs for 3 months they get involved in the community and missional lifestyle in Dayton's Bluff. You will have a time to work in our marketplace business, a time to volunteer with neighbors in the community and person discipleship with Pastor Carl.

Want to plant a church?

We are looking for intern and apprentices.

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